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Jun 22, 2013 9:00am PDT
it makes in sense to cut those programs when you have the need. it stimulates the economy. when people get food stamps they go out and buy things. that helps the economy and creates jobs. it makes no sense. >> what was interesting you and your colleagues for the most part in terms of the democratic party said this went way too far. the republicans said it didn't go far enough. with that big of a divide did we expect dmanything to get throug? >> it's going to be tough. i know you talked about the immigration reform. i think there's an effort on the part of the republican leadership to try to pass an immigration reform bill. they are putting so many roadblocks in the way. in the house you may have read that they voted on an amendment. this was like a tea party right wing amendment that makes being in the united states a crime. another amendment that gets rid of the dreamers act that lets young people stay here and not be deported. then the speaker is saying he won't let the bill go to the floor unless it has a majority of the republicans which would include the tea party. we've got a long wa
Jun 22, 2013 4:00am PDT
and boost our economy by more than 5% in part because of businesses created, investments made, and technologies created by immigrants. >> that was president obama this morning in his weekly address. democrats and republicans unveiled a new amendment that includes $30 billion, 20 additional border agents and new drone technology. joining me now wanda summers and congressional reporter ed o'keefe. thanks for joining me. >> good morning, alex. >> ed, i was reading about immigration reform. $30 billion is a lot of money to secure the border. but will it actually accomplish that? >> that's the big question. i spent time talking to folks who represent communities along the border who work with a lot of these immigrants communities. they say they're very concerned that basically doubling the the size of the u.s. border control really could militaryize sections of it. there's concern that if you're hispanic, there are suspicions of people crossing, they might seek out people in illegal or wrong fashion. we will see exactly what happens in the coming years and see if this agreement sur
Jun 15, 2013 9:00am PDT
. it will beam the sfwer net to places that are not wired. >>> given the current economy, you would think most people appreciate just having a job but a new survey shows otherwise. it measured job satisfaction and work worker engagement. they used findings where people hate going to work. rhode island seems the number one ranking for job hating. connecticut comes in second. new jersey third but now to the las vegas. forget about the strip but the safest bet may be in reality. a new forbes list calls las vegas to most undervalued with homes about 20% below the estimated market value. trulia names orange california with the most overpriced market values. las vegas is the least expensive city for travelers. >>> look at kelly on the inside. >> surf is up big time. we give congrats to champion surfer kelly slater because he garnered a rare perfect score. he's the fourth person to make such history while hanging ten. those are your number ones. [ male announcer ] moving object detection. ♪ blind spot warning. ♪ lane departure warning. safety, down to an art. the nissan altima with safety shield
Jun 16, 2013 9:00am PDT
this as a reason for immigration reform, basically that we need immigrant labor in order to have the economy recover. i think the way he said it was inartful and probably hurt that cause. but i wouldn't be surprised to see other people take up that effort in the weeks ago as we push forward with this immigration debate. >> all right. thanks so much. aaron blake, meredith shiner, thank you both for being here. >> thank you. >> thanks for having us. happy father's day to my dad. >> aw. well, president bush arrived home. president george w. bush arrived home safely in dallas this morning after a less than routine trip home from philadelphia. the president was headed from philadelphia international to dallas love field airport when his pilot reported the smell of smoke in the cockpit. at that point the gulfstream 4 aircraft that was carrying them was diverted to louisville, kentucky. the plane landed safely without incident. >>> a survivor of military sex assault. new reaction on a setback in congress that may change nothing for those wanting to report a sex attack. i'll talk to her next. can be
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)